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Our vision and mission for creating a better world.

Our Story

Who We Are: The Evangelical Assembly Church Relief & Development Department

eacrd.orgThe Evangelical Assembly Church (EAC) Relief & Development Department is a charitable organization established in 1986, functioning under the umbrella of the EAC Church. We are dedicated to serving the underprivileged and fostering holistic community development across Manipur’s remote and tribal areas.

Our Mission

Driven by our faith and a vision of a just and secure society for all, we strive to:

  • Empower the disadvantaged to achieve sustainable livelihoods.
  • Uplift living standards through self-employment, education, and cultural preservation.
  • Champion equality and justice across all sections of society, with a particular focus on empowering women.
  • Safeguard the natural environment for future generations.
  • Promote peace and harmony within our communities.

Our Work

We focus on a variety of areas to create positive change, including:

  • Livelihood Generation: We provide programs to equip individuals with skills and resources for income generation, such as livestock rearing and vegetable cultivation.
  • Microfinance: Through Self Help Groups, particularly for women, we offer access to microloans to kickstart small businesses.
  • Healthcare and Environment: We address rural healthcare needs and promote Natural Resource Management (NRM) practices for a sustainable future.
  • Food Security: Ensuring access to nutritious food is a core aspect of our community development efforts.

Who We Serve

Our primary beneficiaries include:

  • Agricultural laborers
  • Small and marginal farmers
  • Women and children
  • Young adults
  • Landless laborers
  • Rural artisans
  • Tribal communities
  • People living with HIV/AIDS

We believe in collaborative efforts and actively seek partnerships with other organizations to maximize our impact and address the broader needs of the communities we serve.

Join Us in Making a Difference

The EAC Relief & Development Department is committed to building a brighter future for all in Manipur. We welcome your support, whether through volunteering your time and skills, or contributing to our ongoing projects. Together, we can create lasting positive change.

Legal Documents of EAC Manipur