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Evangelical Assembly Church Provides Relief to Internally Displaced Persons

Manipur Coflict relief materials distribution

The Evangelical Assembly Church (EAC) recently undertook several initiatives to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) facing hardship.

Home-based Relief Distribution:

On December 23rd, 2023, the EAC distributed essential relief materials to 60 families residing as home-based IDPs at the HSA Campus. Due to unforeseen transportation challenges, the originally planned door-to-door distribution was shifted to a centralized location for easier collection.

Each of the 60 families received a relief package containing rice, lentils (dal), potatoes, cooking oil, and salt. The distribution program ran smoothly from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM. The EAC extends its gratitude to HYA GEN. HQ for their valuable assistance in facilitating the distribution process.

Relief Camp Support:

Earlier in November, on the 23rd, the EAC provided essential supplies to five different relief camps managed by HYA GEN. HQ. These camps, located in Muolvaiphei, Saikot, Lamka HYA, Sielmat, and Rengkai, house displaced individuals seeking refuge.

The distributed materials included eggs, essential medicines for children and pregnant/lactating mothers, and a thoughtful addition – sports equipment. This equipment aims to provide a much-needed recreational outlet for children residing in the camps, helping them maintain a sense of normalcy and well-being during challenging times.

The EAC’s commitment to supporting IDPs highlights the importance of community outreach and providing essential resources during times of displacement.