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RO Water System Installed to Aid IDPs in Manipur Relief Camps

In response to the ongoing ethnic conflict in Manipur since May 3rd, 2023, many residents have been displaced, losing their homes and now residing in various relief camps in Churachandpur and other locations. The displaced individuals (IDPs) in these camps have been facing numerous challenges, including the prevalence of water-borne diseases due to a lack of quality drinking water.

To address this critical issue, the Relief & Development Department of the Evangelical Assembly, with the support of Humanitarian Aid International, a New Delhi-based NGO, initiated micro-support programs for the IDPs over the past five months. These initiatives focus on appreciative inquiry, building upon existing efforts by the IDPs and camp committees to improve life within the camps.

One significant outcome of these initiatives was the installation of a 500 LPH RO (Reverse Osmosis) system at the Muolvaiphei Relief Camp. This project, led by the Hmar Youth Association (HYA) in collaboration with the IDPs, aims to provide free safe drinking water to nine relief camps. The installation of the RO system was completed on April 18th, 2024.

The new RO system at Muolvaiphei Relief Camp will benefit thousands of IDPs by ensuring access to clean, safe drinking water, significantly improving health and living conditions across the camps.