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Ngampabung Village Residents Learn Modern Techniques for Sustainable Homestead Gardens

Ngampabung village recently hosted a training session on January 30th, 2024, focused on effective homestead garden management. The program attracted 32 participants from five nearby villages, signifying the community’s interest in boosting self-sufficiency and economic well-being.

The session aimed to equip residents with modern methodologies for managing homestead gardens. Experts shed light on how these gardens can be optimized for improved economic sustainability. The concept of a modern homestead garden emphasizes living a lifestyle with minimal environmental impact while maximizing self-reliance. Participants learned how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle with minimal land and effort required.

By adopting these techniques, residents can potentially reduce their dependence on external sources for produce and generate additional income through the sale of surplus homegrown fruits and vegetables. This approach has the potential to empower communities and promote a more sustainable way of life.