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Thingkal Village Tackles Land Tenure Challenges Through Awareness Program

Thingkal village took a step towards addressing land tenure issues in the hill areas on January 28th, 2024. A program aimed at raising awareness about the land tenure system was held, drawing in local residents, church leaders, and village authorities.

The program highlighted the challenges faced due to the lack of a formal land tenure system. Traditionally, land ownership agreements have been based on verbal arrangements, leading to complications for future generations. The absence of a legal framework and documented evidence further exacerbates these issues.

The initiative focused on educating participants about the importance of a well-defined land tenure system. Organizers emphasized the need for adopting better practices, such as documented ownership records and established institutions to manage land use. By implementing these changes, the community hopes to resolve existing land tenure disputes and prevent future complications. This will bring much-needed clarity and security to land ownership in the region.