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Relief Project “Kawleng” Empowers Displaced Women in Manipur

This report highlights the “Kawleng” project, a remarkable initiative supporting internally displaced women (IDPs) in Manipur, India, following the ethnic conflict that began in May 2023.

Women Take Charge:

  • 23 women from Rengkai Relief Camp, separated from their husbands and sons on the frontline, have started selling vegetables to support their families.
  • The “Kawleng” project provided these women with much-needed supplies like umbrellas for shade and scales for accurate measurement, empowering them to run their business effectively.

Knitting for Warmth and Community:

  • Another group of displaced women in Muolvaiphei IDP camp formed a knitting circle, creating warm clothes for children within the camp.
  • Recognizing their initiative, “Kawleng” provided them with wool, knitting needles, and financial assistance to expand their efforts.

Preserving Tradition:

  • Understanding the cultural significance of hand-woven “Hmar Puon” dresses, “Kawleng” distributed weaving materials and tools to women in the ITI Relief Camp who wished to revive this traditional practice.

Addressing Electricity Shortage:

  • Eight relief camps managed by the Hmar Youth Association (HYA) faced electricity problems.
  • “Kawleng” provided generators to three camps – Rengkai, Saikot SDO, and Lamka HYA – to improve living conditions.

A Beacon of Hope:

The “Kawleng” project demonstrates how small acts of support can significantly improve the lives of displaced women in Manipur. By encouraging self-reliance, income generation, and cultural preservation, “Kawleng” empowers these women to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope for the future.